Perennials have always been a major crop for us at Kathan Gardens. I can remember when I was probably 10 years old weeding the raised beds of perennials that occupied the area where our sales area is today. I really hated weeding, but was enticed by the .50 per hour I earned as opposed to the .35 per hour for everything else.

This year we will grow well over 5000 pots of perennials from seedlings, bare root divisions, and small plants. While our peonies are planted in the fall, other varieties are started in March and April in our greenhouses until they can go outside in May.

Today’s gardener wants to see results quickly, so we strive to always have big healthy blooming plants to choose from throughout the season. We will try to help you make good choices for your garden conditions and color preferences from varieties proven to thrive in your area.

June has been designated National Perennial Plant Month. There are wide selections of perennials that may be planted in June. It is a good time for the gardener to find more mature specimens of favorite summer bloomers at the garden center. It is also a good time to plan and plant a sequential summer perennial display of old-favorites and new cultivars. There are many spectacular flowering performers for the sultry summer season.

Some of the more popular perennial plant categories include Hosta, Daylily, Iris, Echinacea, Peony, Ferns, Grasses, Phlox, Heuchera, Astilbe and many more. Each genus can contain literally thousands of specific varieties. Part of the joy of gardening with perennial plants is discovering new plant introductions from family, friends and our knowledgeable staff.